Mimosa…not just for drinking anymore

mimosa-003-de11I’m a big mimosa fan.   I love them (in moderation…and never while driving) as I think they are the perfect drink.  Just a little bit of alcohol with class and a little bit of fruit…perfection!   I’m an even bigger fan of the fact that the mimosa is not just my favorite drink anymore, it is also the must have|must use|must abuse color of 2009!

According to Pantone Color Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman, the yellow Mimosa color “exemplifies” warm and nurturing qualities associated with the sun and “speaks to enlightenment, as it is a hue that sparks imagination and innovation.” It also is a versatile shade that “coordinates with any other color,” the company said.

02252062_731So it would seem that everyone’s favorite brunch drink will now be the most seen color of 2009.  Start weeding the plums out of your wardrobe…it’s all about the mimosa!  I’m excited because I feel that I sensed this trend early on when I purchased this jacket a few months ago.   Alright, maybe I didn’t sense an oncoming trend…I was simply drawn to the jacket…but I’m excited  to see a bright warm color take over as the official color of 2009!  In all honesty I was unaware of the fact that Pantone selects an official color each year (2008’s was blue iris).

Alright, enough about mimosas and what not.  I’m off for the final hurrah of my guilty pleasure, The Starter Wife on USA.   I think Debra Messing  (Will & Grace) is really just a divorced Grace in this show, but I still love it, holla at a hot Friday night!


  1. […] Dec 2009 was mimosa.  2010 was turquoise.   2011 shall be the year of HONEYSUCKLE!  Not pink…honeysuckle: […]

  2. […] announcement for the New Year, last year was honeysuckle, before that turquoise, and before that mimosa (yummy!)   2012 shall be the year of TANGERINE […]

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