Palin sells the Naughty Monkeys

9c64_2Doesn’t that sound dirty?  I was not a big Palin fan during the presidential campaign…but her style always amused me (in a good way).   Now that the infamously expensive VP candidate wardrobe has been ditched for comfier Alaskan duds it would seem the clan of Gov. Palin is cashing in on her celebrity status.   Earlier this week a pair of her Naughty Monkey shoes hit eBay.   The winning bid…$2025!!!!!   Naughty Monkey shoes are normally between $60-$170…so that means this winning bidder felt that Palin’s conservative foot sweat was worth about $1800.   People never cease to amaze me.



While I love a fabulous pair of heels, I also adore PUMAS!   I have a love affair with them.    Working out in them, lounging in them, walking in them, or just looking at them…I found my new faves last week…j’adore!

I can’t believe I’ve almost let a month go without attending to this lovely little blog.  I don’t want to see this one wither like all the others, just busy with work, busy with life…and thinking.   Lots and lots of thinking. shoes_ia70880


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