shoe fantasy

I love me some shoes.  I’ve always been more of a quantity over quality kind of shoe girl.   I have a few pair of Manolo’s (gifts) and I’ve drooled over many a designer shoe at Neiman Marcus, but I can never bring myself to make the major purchase.   I lust after but never conquer the designer shoe.

In these times of economic hardship you would think we would avert our eyes from the beauties that are Jimmy Choos, Pradas and Louboutins, but I like to fantasize.   I can’t afford them, but I can dream.  

The ladies behind the Fashion blog uncovered some very over the top, very goregous and very expensive shoes this past week.

Christian Louboutin worked with embroidery house Lesage to create these insanely fabulous Marie Antoinette inspired shoes:




They’re amazing right?  Not really the kind of footwear you’d wear for a night out with the girls, especially with the $6,295 price tag, but quite fun to dream about wearing!

Another pair of shoes that are worth your daydreaming time are the Roger Vivier heels.    Soak em in for a moment….


They remind me of a a ballet, like Swan Lake.   Anyway these beauties truly are just for looking as they would cost about $42,000!!!  What drives the price up?  Perhaps it’s the gold mesh, or the crocodile skin, the pure silk…or maybe it’s the jewel encrusted birds….yes…those feathers used to fly.

So, I could sit here an bitch about the fact that I can’t buy these fabulous shoes, or I can appreciate their beauty and fantasize about wearing them on a date with Brad Pitt….hey a girl can dream!


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