who knew a laptop could be cute?

A few weeks ago I wandered into the insanity that is the Circuit City going out of business sale.   My original goal was to find a new (and most importantly discounted) Flip Camera.   CC going out of business prices on the Flip camera BLEW, but as I wandered through the laptop section an itty bitty notebook caught my eye…the HP Mini:


I instantly fell in love with this thing, not only was it cute, it was on sale.   I made the impulse purchase and I’ve been incredibly pleased.   If you’re looking for a computer for internet use and some typing  (this is not a graphic or editing machine) the HP Mini is fab.   In fact the Mini is so fab, it’s been out of my hands quite often.   My guy is so ready to make the Mini his own, I’m okay with that as I already have a plan in place.

In addition the being super cute, the HP mini has a “sister” version that is incredibly fashionable.   The HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition is the girliest laptop EVER and I want it:


Isn’t that the prettiest laptop you’ve ever seen?   I would be so motivated to check my work email (even on the weekends) on this thing.   The HP Mini VT edition is so chic it’s already appeared on the runways at Fashion Week

If they can make a girly, fabulous laptop, a chic BlackBerry can’t be far behind!


EDIT – Many thanks to All Over Albany for mentioning my post earlier this week.   While I was incredibly happy with my Mini purchase, shopping at Circuit City was a complete mistake.   Of course earlier in this post I mentioned my original intent for entering the insanity of the clearance sale.   The most frustruating part of my CC experience was at the checkout.

   After waiting about 45 minutes in line the girl at the checkout line scanned my HP Mini and gave me a total that was close to $80 more than what I had been told in the back of the store (I had asked one of the store workers to scan the price as the price tags were damaged).    When I protested the checker asked a “manager” to double check the price in the back.  He asked me who I had spoken with regarding the lower price….I of course hadn’t asked for a name.  He wandered to the back of the store and I can only imagine the immense line behind me was cursing me out.    Hey I would curse me out too for holding up a line with a 45 minute wait.

When the manager returned to the checkout line he told me that I was wrong and that the higher price was correct.   I got incredibly frustruated, and definitely started speaking in a bitchy tone  as I again explained that  someone had SCANNED the item an hour before and told me the lower price, this was not a guess or a verbal price given to me.  I didn’t know what to do, I was about to get out of line and head to the back of the store to search out the worker who had helped me earlier when I noticed a woman in the next line over checking out the exact same HP Mini.  I asked the woman how much her item was…she gave me the lower price, I asked her checker how much the item was, he too gave me the lower price.   Exasperated I looked at my checker and the manager and demanded an explanation.   I was then asked to step out of line.   Turns out my checker had scanned the wrong sticker.   When I asked the manager why I had to throw a tantrum and hold up the line to get the correct price, he shrugged and said “That’s what happens at a clearance”.

Clearance shopping is NOT smart shopping…



  1. (hi, new reader here.)

    These laptots are cute. 🙂 I saw one in Best Buy a couple of weeks ago (the black version, not the Tam edition). I left the store to grab a bite to eat and make a sound decision. When I returned to the store to get it, they had already sold out of the 3 that were in stock! These things are hot buys. It’s good that you bought it on the spot!

    In the end, I went with an ASUS with more of the features I needed.

  2. ashallann says:

    Hi there, thanks for the comment….how is the ASUS?…I am still very much in like with the HP Mini (especially with XP) but am very curious how it stacks up feature wise to other netbooks…are you able to run more with the ASUS? I’m wary of even putting iTunes on the mini…

  3. So far, so good. I don’t know if the Asus runs more, per se, but I have put iTunes on it. I’ve also added Open Office though it comes with Microsoft WORKS. The memory on it was upgraded, so I’m sure that helps somewhere.

    The Asus also has a few more USB ports and a port for use with a projector, which is something I had to have.


  1. […] in love!   If you happen to have read this blog before, you’ll know of my adoration for the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition for 2009, it was absolutely […]

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