I have coffee add

I love coffee, perhaps a little too much.   I’m constantly changing my favorite coffee place.

starbucks-coffee2When I lived in Tampa I couldn’t step foot in my office before heading to Starbucks…I would usualy require another trip to Starbucks before I started my show (I went on the air at 11a) I lived and breathed Starbucks when I was a Floridian.


When I decided to move back to upstate New York I was delighted to see dunkin-donuts-coffeethat there were a few more Starbucks’ locations available to me…I also realized that Dunkin Donuts franchises had EXPLODED in the Capital Region….out of ease, and a need to take a little weight off my wallet I made the switch to Dunkin Donuts…again I cannot set foot in my office without my coffee.

celeb-bakery-c2009-aI’ve been on the DD kick for about a year and a half, but am craving change and have recently found myself at Paneras’ more often.   Good coffee, free wi-fi….I am a happy girl.



Am I the only one who has coffee add?  Does anyone else jump from franchise to franchise?   I feel a little ridiculous as there are so many GREAT locally owned coffee places in the Capital Region…I think it’s time to break  up with the corporations and find a home coffee base, but I don’t even know where to start…the investigation continues….


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