more recession fantasies

blackberry-8703e-pda-phone-review-3I am a Blackberry addict!  I love this thing…I’m the girl who pisses you off because I’m on it so often (sorry about that).   I have a very simple, and slightly boring, BB 8703e.    It gets the job done, but I’m in the market for a Blackberry that is a bit more fun, shoot, even a camera would be nice.  I do Verizon’s new every two program, and I’m due for a “new” in April!

I’ve been trying to decide which Blackberry to go with, the Storm, the Curve, the World Edition?   Engadget has been a great site to start weighing the pros and cons of my next Blackberry purchase, and today it helped me find my dream Blackberry:


Cast your gaze upon the Amosu Pink Diamond Blackberry Bold.  Not only is it pink, it’s adorned with 86 diamonds on the front and over 200 diamonds on the back!   Obviously this is a complete fantasy purchase as it would set you back about  $5773.88.   Insane, but it’s still so pretty.   I’ll keep it in the back of my head in case I win the Lotto




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