snuggie hits the road

One of my friends had an interesting Facebook status update today about a ‘Snuggie Crawl’.   Initially I thought she meant couch hopping with your Snuggie, but she was referring to something much cooler, a pub crawl while sporting your Snuggie.   I don’t even have a Snuggie…yet, but I already love this idea.


I was talking about the prospect of a Snuggie Crawl with a few co-workers and I received some very strange looks, but this is an idea that’s happening in Chicago and beyond!

I would love to see a Snuggie Crawl in the Capital Region.   How fun would it be to see a trail of Snuggie clad revellers wandering down Lark Street, or Pearl St.    This thought to be continued…..



  1. the Snuggie is my excuse to dress like a pink Jedi


  1. […] if we could just get going on a Snuggie Crawl for Albany…I’ve got the stylish leopard print..let’s […]

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