spring anticipation becomes embarassing

It has been a rough winter in the Capital Region, I’m not whining…I love the snow…it’s the ice and the cold that piss me off.   Hope is in sight as it will FINALLY be March next week, and before you know it flip flops and sundresses will be everywhere!

My fascination with warm weather is a bit strange as I’m basically  allergic to the sun.   I’m quite Irish, quite pale, and it’s quite impossible for me to tan, but I’ve never accepted my paleness.   Since I was 16 I’ve experimented with self tanners, I don’t think I’ve EVER had a positive result, but I tread on each spring trying to find something so I don’t look so translucent.  Like I  said, the results are usually horrific…check out these hands:


Over the last few summers I’ve had the “best” results using the gradual tanners with moisturizer.   They allow a subtle tan with not so much streak.  The cold snap we’re currently experiencing sent me into a test tan mode.  I had purchased a new Oil of Olay moisturizing tanner and decided to try it out last night.   It doesn’t smell awful, it looks decent after just one application BUT when the instructions tell you to wash your hands after applying, they reallllly mean it with this one:



The pictures don’t even do the damage justice, I have some AMAZING tan lines (really streaks) on every finger, of course the top of each finger is still super pale…it’s a really hot look, I’m sure it’ll be all the rage this spring.

Here’s hoping you have a better self tanning experience…use my disasters to avoid your own.


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