the recession can’t stop true love

boy meets girl.   boy and girl fall in love.  boy wants to propose to girl but is cash poor.   boy needs a solution.

People are getting creative when it comes to getting by in this economy.  I can only imagine many a couple are getting quite creative when it comes to wedding planning.  What about the almost engaged couples?   Saving up two months salary for most middle income guys has got to be difficult, one London store has proposed an interesting offer….cheap engagement rings.

Marks & Spencer has started selling engagement rings and wedding bands for under $30.   Clearly it’s not a real diamond, but they do have a pretty sparkle don’t they?


Duo Twist Rings” about $16


“Wedding Band Duo” about $24


Sparkle Solitaire Ring” about $12.

I think some of these are cute, save the big money for a down payment on a house.



  1. wedding bands that perform with classical instruments are the best! :

  2. i like very cute wedding bands that are lined with satin clothe and some velvet colored stuffs too ~-`

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