13 pound challenge!

number13I HATE the number 13, I will go to great lengths to avoid the number 13, I freaked out when my child was almost born on the 13th (ended up being 14th phew) I get chills when I look up and see that it’s 13 minutes past the hour and don’t even ASK about Friday the 13th…ugh.    13 is debilitating to me, so I’ve decided to use it.

I’ve been yo-yo-ing with my weight for the last year.  The yoyo hasn’t been 2 or 3 pounds, it’s up 12 pounds, then down 10 and so on.   When I jumped on the scale this morning I was on the up again and thought to myself:

‘If I could just lose 13 pounds.’

I surprised myself that I had volunteered the dreaded number, but it’s true, and it makes so much sense.  I hate 13, so why not eliminate it, perhaps it will be a healthy way to conquer my fear of 13?   I’ve given myself a two month window or so to kill 13, so we’ll see how it goes.

In honor of jumping on the elminiation of 13, here’s 13 healthy ‘things’ I need to try to help say buh bye to this dreaded 13.

1.  Michelle Obama squat thrusts to get those fabulous toned arms.

2. Dust off the old pedometer and use it to it’s full potential.

3. Really step up the H2o intake to 8 glasses, proof it can help!

4. Realize that with a little extra effort, a bikini isn’t out of the question.

5.  Find healthy alternatives to favorite foods.

6. Start training, even if it’s just to walk.

7.  Boost up the tea and dial down the coffee intake.

8.  Get out of my house and into a class, my mat needs to travel.

9.  Take time in the morning for grapefruit.

10. Bonding and biking with the kid (oooh I found a pink bike!)

11.  Teach myself to not gorge myself just because I’m at a restaurant.

12.  GET MORE SLEEP (stop writing blogs at 12:30am).

13.  Steal a few tips from the Sex and the City ladies.



  1. […] here.   Before you know it bathing suit season will be here.   I haven’t given up my bikini dreams…but after just finishing up Sex and the City The Movie, I know exactly what I want this […]

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