the best smoothie

I’ve been craving smoothies like crazy lately.   I was spoiled by smoothie shops on every corner when I lived in Florida.   I know that smoothies EXIST in upstate New York, I just want to find the best (in my opinion).

A quick google search of “smoothies” in the  Albany area yields a decent list.   I decided to run over to try out a chain smoothie from Cold Stone Creamery in Stuyvesant Plaza.   Even on a Sunday evening this place was hoppin’!  

Cold Stone actually has a pretty decent selection of smoothies.   I was a bit confused to see two seperate lists of smoothies (Signature and NRgize) but the girl behind the counter was kind enough to explain to me that the NRgize line is actually a meal replacement.  


I decided to go with a  ‘Love It’ size of the Berry Trinity smoothie(one of the signatre smoothies).  Not bad, cost about $4.95.    I still need to find out how many calories I drank away.   I’d definitely try the Cold Stone line of smoothies again, but I might try to find a coupon before I go.


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