smoothie search continues

I decided to hit up another venue for my smoothie search this morning.  It was early so I just went with what was open – Starbucks.   I’ve read many opinions of the Vivanno smoothie, but had yet to try one.   Mango Orange Banana sounded much more appealing than Banana Mocha.   I was a bit miffed I could ONLY get a grande, but whatever.   $4.05 later I was sipping my first Vivanno, well attempting to sip.  This thing was so thick it literally broke my straw!


When I got home I wanted to see just how much I was drinking.   I should have done my research before just dropping by Starbucks, I definitely would have asked for the green tea infusion and would have chose the  nonfat milk option (apparently the default is 2%).   

The taste of the smoothie was overpowered by the bananas, not sure if one could customize the Orange Mango Banana to be banana-less, for my own tastes that would be a way to go.   There was a heavy cream aftertaste that just didn’t bode well with me.

Starbucks Vivanno is a fantastic healthy alternative to coffee, just not for me.   I do have a 80% full Mango Orange Banana smoothie if anyone would like to finish it up for me!


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