a spoonful of cabarnet

n782525359_6274818_5176041Wine + ice cream = ewwwwwww.   Hey that’s what I assumed.   Until today.  The recession has made me a very cautious food shopper.   Generic brands fill my shelves.   Deals make me smile.   When I was perusing the ice cream aisle of Hannaford I saw a lot of signage for Glace de Vino Ice Cream.   When I peered down into the frosty cases I saw that the Chocolate Cabarnet Sauvignon was on sale…$1.99.   You can’t even buy paper towels for $1.99.   I decided to go for it.    I can’t turn down a bargain!

I wasn’t expecting anything amazing when I grabbed my first spoonful, but I was happily surprised.  The chocolate and cabarnet tasted fantastic together!   I want to get my hands on the rest of the flavors, but I fear that the closeout $1.99 price at Hannaford may be a signal that they’re about to pull the plug on the brand.   While I can I”ll take a spoonful of chocolate cab and enjoy.


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