i heart radio

image54I’m what you might call a radio geek.   I adore radio, I love listening to the music, the personalities, even the commercials.   Up until a few years ago I worked full time in radio as a dj (or on air personality if you’re fancy).   I still get to play dj on the weekends…I love radio…it’s not a job, it’s really a lifestyle, get’s in your blood.

iheartradio is a fabulous (FREE) app for iPhone and Blackberry that allows you to listen to radio stations all over the country !!!!!    I can now get down to my full radio geekness and listen to stations from Detroit to Miami.   iheartradio just launched for the Blackberry Storm so I’m still in the exploratory stage of the app, but one of my geeky radio faves is a format called ‘Hawaiian’.   It looks to be the stream from a station called Island 98.5 in Honolulu.  If you don’t have the iheartradio app you can still listen to the Hawaiian goodness here!


  1. If you i heart radio you will Love flycast available in the B&B app world and also for iPhone rock on form a fellow radio geek

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