swing set or mini mansion?

While doing dishes this evening I gazed into the backyard yearning for summer evenings that are so close.   As I stared deeper into the backyard it looked mighty empty.  Granted it’s the beginning of spring and patio furniture hasn’t gone out yet, toys haven’t been strewn about the yard, but there was still something missing.   A swing set.  This is a must have for the little one.

I would love to have a swing set like the First Family…environmentally friendly and ridiculously safe…but I doubt an upstate New Yorker can afford something quite so glam in the world of playground equipment.

Obama Swing Set

I was quite amazed at just how over the top some of the swing sets of today are….like the Big Skye II, complete with built in picnic table, steering wheel (for those off roading adventures) and trapeze bar!  Those VIP features might explain the $3,299 price


Then there’s the Supersized King Kong Clubhouse Package II.  This lovely little set comes complete with a Super Scoop Slide, two floors and a ship’s wheel!   This thing looks like you could have unwanted company sleep comfortably inside.  Can’t find a price, but I’ll go ahead and guess it’s close to the 5K mark.  


My personal favorite is the Colassal Kingdom playset with a chimney, tic tac toe panel and a dinner bell!  As I actually am considering this one I don’t even want to know the price yet…so fun


So many things to consider before making this big purchase….most importantly what the kid actually wants…and what playset can handle the weight of a grown woman.  I could tear up some monkey bars back in the day!


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