the $200 flip flop

I am OBSESSED with flip flops.   OBSESSED.   Perhaps it was my time as a Floridian, perhaps it was my time as an ultra relaxed dj…regardless, I love the uber casual flop of flip on my feet, and am always on the search for the next great pair.

I can’t recall the most amount of money I’ve dropped on flip flops, I’m guessing a hot pink pair of Reefs would rate right up there.  I suppose if you were to take my entire flip flop collection (well over 30 pairs) into consideration it would be decent amount of cash.

While searching for HOT flip flops for 2009, I came across Havaianas, which claim to be the most comfortable rubber flip flop…ever, seriously?   I’m working on ordering a pair to do my own A test, but a quick search of their  website did yield some very interesting (and slightly fab) flip flops like the Crystal Mesh, which retails at about $195!


They may look like normal everyday flip flops, but apparently they’ll make you “sparkle“, which is reason enough to drop almost $200 on flip flops…or laugh at the price during this ever fab recession. 

Regardless of what you spend on your sandals this summer, break out the flip flops and enjoy!

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