New Kids on the Block-c’mon don’t laugh

AAAAAhbGjDcAAAAAAEkUPAI was very excited to see a little “shout out” to New Kids on the Block on the season finale of Lost last night.  If you missed it, or have given up on Lost, said shout out was  in the form of a lunchbox.   Just a little something unexpected.

I’m looking forward to the New Kids at SPAC next month.   I don’t care that my co-workers laugh when I mention the show, I’m genuinely excited.   I have no shame in my New Kids on the Block tickets, I haven’t listened to a New Kids song since my friend Kim’s wedding two years ago, but to be able to see a band that I all but idolized at age 9 will be satisfying.    Perhaps I can make an attempt on my 9 year old fantasy of joining the band as a backup singer and marrying Jordan Knight…all while wearing hot pink leggings and crimped hair.    Anything’s possible.

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  1. Actually, it wasn’t THAT unexpected. We’ve seen it before:

    It was the time capsule that dude and she used to bury that tape and little airplane thingie, if you recall…

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