a little less ass and a little more class

It was a great summer, and I even made it up to Saratoga once!  My lone Toga trip was part of a reunion weekend with some fabulous friends from college.  We decided to relive our Siena days by heading out in downtown Saratoga for a night of light craziness.   Now, if you’ve ever been out downtown during track season you know space is limited in basically every establishment.  I can understand a spilled drink, a mistaken push, a few crushed toes…but this was new:

back it up

Yep, a butt in our faces, actually about 4 inches from my friends shoulder (she leaned forward so we could get a good pic).    We were on a crowded outdoor patio where the tables were so close together, but this guy just kept leaning over his table and shoving his backside at our table.   It gets better…not only was his tush waving in our faces, he started to scratch his butt basically over my friends shoulder.  Hand straight down the back of his pants.  I didn’t get a shot of that…probably for the best.     Ladies, there are some classy men in Saratoga, just be prepared for a butt scratcher.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve encountered in a crowded bar?


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