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3408How old were you when you purchased your first laptop?   I was 24, it was a Dell Inspiron.   For about two years the Inspiron was enough to help me surf the interwebs, create graphics on Photoshop, and update my various websites (it bit the bullet it mid 2007, two years after my purchase).   

 Why so much pride over a laptop?


 I  grew up in a time of “portable” computer development.   The first “laptop” that my father brought home was a COMPAQ PORTABLE, it was bulky and totally DOS based, but amazing for the mid 80’s.   By the time I started college in the late nineties, laptops were much more advanced but ridiculously overpriced.   I went off to college without one, and most students at my school didn’t own a laptop or a computer.   I was lucky to have a roomate that had a desktop of her own, but laptops were quite rare in 1998.  Most students who were lucky enough to have a laptop my freshman year physically locked them down in their dorm rooms!  



Fast forward to 2009 and I’ve now acquired many laptops…including my favorite, the HP MINI!   I adore this tiny laptop.  The main thing you need to know going in on a HP Mini is that they are strictly for web use, understand that and you’ll be in love!   If you happen to have read this blog before, you’ll know of my adoration for the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition for 2009, it was absolutely goregous! 


   Well, it’s a new fashion season which means a brand new goregous HP Mini Vivienne Tam for 2010.  Very little has been known about this new HP Mini…until tonight, enjoy the new look of the 2010 HP Mini Vivenne Tam:


I don’t have details  on when this fab laptop will hit stores, or price, but as soon as I find out I’ll post em!!!!   This is yet another stylish, modern and portable (fits in a small purse) laptop from HP and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

While the HP Mini is teeny, in my opinion, you shouldn’t assume this is a laptop to grab for your kiddies.   My child had fuseproject1been begging for a laptop for the last two years and last Christmas we decided to cave.   We went with the XO.  If you’re scratching your head because you aren’t familiar with the XO, no worries, it’s far from mainstream.   Long story short the XO laptop is the ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD computer that launched in 2007.  The machine was created for children in developing countries, but for the last two holiday seasons consumers in the United States have been given the opportunity to purchase one for themselves and one for a child in an underdeveloped community with the Give One, Get One Program.   It was a great way for us to give our child a laptop designed for children and also donate one to a child without computer resources.  I haven’t found information that has confirmed the Give One, Get One Program will launch again in 2009, but if you’re able to seccure the funds to donate a laptop to a child in an underdeveloped community, it’s a great way to give back.   You can learn more about One Laptop Per Child here

*photos via:, HP Flickr,,,


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