great finds at cvs

3458750494_e42424e371Admit it, you’ve found some greatness in THAT aisle of CVS.  You know that aisle, it could have a foot massager, a Crock Pot, a Christmas Tree, or in my case a Snuggie!  

I didn’t cave to the Snuggie rush of late ’08, but I could not resist the leopard Snuggie that I found for $14.99, or the the kids Snuggie, which was also $14.99.   That doesn’t seem exactly fair, but whatever I found Snuggie’s at CVS and that makes my weekend complete.

Now if we could just get going on a Snuggie Crawl for Albany…I’ve got the stylish leopard print..let’s make it happen.


  1. HAHA! No way! My boy also saw this in CVS and came home with it. He was so excited, and I have to admit, it really is comfy. And you can fit 2 people under it too, to become MEGA PERSON. Sorry, or maybe that’s just us.

  2. They are ridiculously comfy! I’m confident I could fit 2 people in a snuggie..maybe 2 1/2. Oh, and I loved that even when you purchase the Snuggie at CVS, you still get the “totally portable” booklight 🙂


  1. […] at CVS?  They seem to be migrating from drugstore to a mini Target.   I’ve mentioned  my love for that aisle of CVS, and this evening at the CVS on Western near SUNY I found everything from Guitar Hero to Vera […]

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