the disco pant

I usually ignore Facebook ads, but when I saw the words DISCO PANT and an image of purple spandex, I had to click.   Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Disco Pant:


If you’re into the really shiny, super bright and way too tight pants, then these are obviously for you.   

Honestly, the best part about the Disco Pants isn’t their appearance, it’s the write up on the website where they can be purchased:

“…Form-fitting, high-waist stretch pants made from a heavyweight Nylon/Elastane blend that creates a flattering slimming effect…”

Wow, flattering AND slimming, these are miracle pants.

“…When in doubt on sizing, order down…”

Because when you think something might not fit right, you should always go a size down.    Keep in mind all of the models sporting the disco pants are a size 2 size 0. 


Perhaps I’m just not fashion forward enough…or I’m just jealous because I worry about jeans being too tight, let alone spandex, but I don’t think the Disco Pant will be the must have for 2010.



  1. Oh jeeze. I took one look and thought “Euuuygh. American Apparel.”. Thankfully they are the only company making ‘pants’ like these now.

    And how does one tuck a shirt into spandex without it looking like you’ve got a bunchy, lumpy tummy?

  2. You are definitely not ‘fashion forward’ enough to be writing about items of clothing if you judge something without trying it on.
    These pants are incredible. They suck in everything and convert any lumpy areas into perfectly formed curves.
    These are the best item of clothing I have ever bought and I HATE American Apparel.
    These pants don’t even look as good on the models as they do on girls who have an hourglass figure. FINALLY something for those of us with a waist and ass.

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