slimy swamp creatures

Halloween is a really big deal in my house.  The first jack-o-lantern went out in early September.  The little one loves Halloween activities and recently found a great Halloween recipe book.  One “recipe” we tried out last week was for slimy swamp creatures.  I hesitate to call it a recipe because it involves Jell-o and gummie worms:

slimy swamp creatures recipe

Take one packet of green Jell-o, prepare per instructions…once the Jello-o has set, break it up and stir in gummie worms (we added Swedish Fish as well) and voila…Slimy Swamp Creatures! 


  1. OMG I have to make this for Kyla!!! She LOVES gummy things!!!

  2. it actually doesn’t taste awful either, sugary, but super fruity.

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