snow’s coming…sport a pedicure

Every lifestyle, gossip and fashion blog I visited today had advertising for ‘It’s On With Alexa Chung.”  Can’t imagine that MTV’s show that airs at 3:30pm is gunning for my 29 year old viewership, but I still clicked through to see the latest on Ms. Chung.  I was happy to see a section devoted to her style and a breakdown of the outfits she wears on the show.  One item caught my eye:


They’re by Comme Des Garcons…and they’re fugly interesting aren’t they?  At first glance I want to make fun, but the more I stare they start to grow on me.  They’re the kind of shoes I’d SAY I’d wear, but never would.   Although by February when the snow is piled high and toes are hidden beneath wool socks these may seem more appealing and wearable.  If you’re feeling love for the barefoot shoes right now, head on over to snag a pair (they come in black too).

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