if i had a million dollars – chanel skis

I’m an equal opportunity procrastinator.  I wait to shop for the holidays and I wait to ask for the holidays.  I’m in desperate need of new skis and will be dropping hints (hmmm like maybe on my blog) over the next few days.   If I don’t receive skis from Santa, no worries, I’ll just run right out and pick up a pair of CHANEL skis before my next trip to Jiminy Peak.


I haven’t found a price on these bad boys, but I’ll guesstimate at….$5,000?  

I would love to meet someone who actually skis on these.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re beautiful, but it would be like using an expensive painting as scrap paper.    Chanel skis…amazing.   Just another item to add to the list of things to pick up if I had a million dollars.


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