detox diary – pre detox

The holidays and new year have been amazing, and by amazing I mean an insane eat and drinkfest.   Excess would be putting it lightly.   I came across a group I belong to on Facebook (because I’m that girl) that was starting a detox on the 4th and I decided to go for it.  This isn’t a hardcore detox, it’s more like a cleanse and I even use that term lightly.   Starting tomorrow no dairy, no caffeine (eek), no sugar, no preservatives, no alcohol, no meats (but I’m not listening to that and eating fish.)  It’s only for a week, but I think this could get me on the right track (eating wise) for the new year.   I’m not what you’d call a healthy eater.  I’m addicted to caffiene, I heart sugar and I love wine.   I did prep by purchasing a ridic amount of produce from Hannaford and have already made an amazing veggie soup (use cilantro, soooo yummy.)  I’ve stocked up on green tea and have already googled my smoothie breakfast recipe.  In addition to this “cleanse” tomorrow will hopefully be my first day at work without -smoking-yes I’ve been an awful smoker and I’m ready to bid adieu to this nasty habit, so I’m hoping the New Year will be a healthy, happy and lottery winning one!  Hey, I can dream can’t I?



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