fabulous hat – fabulous price

I normally avoid the after holiday sales because I just can’t deal with the crowds.  The path from stressed to snotty is pretty quick for me, so I just spare my fellow shoppers and stay home.   Despite what I know about myself, I decided to head to Stuyvesant Plaza today to grab one pair of jeans from Ann Taylor (one of the few places where jeans fit my tall self.)  Of course that pair of jeans turned into two pairs of jeans, two sweaters and pants and then I HAD to run next door to Talbots to see what sort of sales they were running…good stuff.  I walked out with the most cozy pair of socks and two hats that are goregous (and were on sale – wooooooo.)

Hat # 1 was this adorable fedora, and while I’m confident I purchased the last one in Stuyvesant Plaza’s Talbots – it appears to be available online for under $17!!!!

Hat # 2 was  faux fur hat (I found it in black) but sadly can’t be found online :(.  It’s ridiculously warm and cozy so hit up Talbot’s to see if they have any left!


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