more great finds at cvs

Have you noticed a change at CVS?  They seem to be migrating from drugstore to a mini Target.   I’ve mentioned  my love for that aisle of CVS, and this evening at the CVS on Western near SUNY I found everything from Guitar Hero to Vera Wang’s Rock Princess perfume.   

The greatest find of the evening had to be this :

I was definitely surprised to find a LEATHER JACKET.  If you’re craving a biker look head on in to CVS.   I especially love that this genuine leather jacket is under $20.   Bizarre.

Have you noticed a product shift at CVS lately?  Any amazing finds that can top the $20 leather jacket?



  1. I have a love affair with CVS. I use blogs and websites to find out things that are “free” with the extra buck rewards , stack that with a coupon , and I make money. It’s a fun Sunday morning, I’m tellin ya.

  2. Oh wow. Now I’m really curious. I really wonder what a $20 leather jacket looks like…

  3. ashallann says:

    Krystal you need to write a book on your great free finds! Jane it looked decent from far away, not sure about the feel though – I was afraid to touch it.

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