the skinny

I started off the new year really well, clean eating, yoga, good sleep…and then around the 20th I let it alllllll slide.   My back went out, I ate some lots of junk, and this weekend when one of my lovely Florida friends was cleaning out her closet to donate items, she donated some to me….except they were too small….they definitely should not have been.   Eeek!

I don’t know if I can go back to clean eating 100% but I’m going to try to cut out as much processed food as possible.   Veggies, fruits, lean meats and I think it’s time to head to the gym.  I do most of my working out at home (wooo Exercise TV On Demand) but clearly that’s not cutting it.  I need someplace where I can really work my butt off for about an hour each day…it’s just finding the hour!   I have the fortune of working at a company that offers a free gym membership, which I never signed up for, but today is the day.   My goal is 20 pounds before I turn 30 (in May).   That seems scary, but I need to do it, I’m sick of feeling chubby and I’m not going to buy myself new clothes because I became one with Chipotle.

I know I can’t cut out alllll bad stuff, and the one thing I know I will definitely still be enjoying is Starbucks skinny vanilla latte.  A tall has 90 calories, grande is 130 calories….I don’t want to drink away my calories on drinks in the morning but this one is good and it doesn’t make me feel as guilty.

What are your best tips for losing weight?  Cleanse?  Cardio? I’m kind of open to anything as long as it’s healthy and not insane!



  1. Great to hear you are taking advantage of ExerciseTV. Stay consistent and you are bound to see results!

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