superbowl snackdown

I wish I had taken pics of our eatfest on Superbowl Sunday but my blackberry was dead and I have yet to replace my digital camera.   PS….this blog basically negates the last one where I bitched about losing weight…I didn’t totally overdo it, but I definitely did extra situps the next day.

 We don’t even LIKE football but for some reason I felt the need to spend hours in the kitchen to get our snack on including THE GREATEST WINGS EVER!!!!  My manfriend is obsessed with wings (the folks at Wings Over Albany and Madison’s must know him personally) and  awhile ago I had seen a great recipe on Samster Mommy’s blog for Lemon Garlic Wings (love her site, she has the greatest recipe’s and the coolest crafts…explore her land o’blog).  The Lemon Garlic Wings were ridiculously easy to make, and even though I only marinated them for like an hour they were absolutely full of flavor.   Check out the Lemon Garlic Wing recipe here.

We also chowed down on crab stuffed mushroom caps, steamed corn, kick ass raw veggies and homemade salsa…it was a noteworthy snacking much so that I fell asleep for the last quarter (are there quarters in football) of the game.  The crab stuffed mushroom caps were tasty but I just kind of did them, I didn’t follow a recipe and now wish I had for duplication…it was a flurry of canned crap, basil and I think chilli powder…next time I’ll bring a pen to my snack session.


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