I’m on the hunt for a new purse.  Yes, I have too many purses in my closet, but I’m looking for a new all the time bag.   I stopped at a discount store (because I’m not paying full price for this purse) and looked through hundreds of goregouos bags.  Only one caught my eye:

The photo isn’t great, this is a grey Betsey Johnson, leather, ruching.  I really really liked it, I just didn’t looove it.  It was marked down by about $40 because of a scratch on the leather.  I carried it around the store for about ten minutes, but I just didn’t fall in love with it.   I’m still considering it (although it could very well be gone).    When you’re buying a new bag do you just go with it, or do you need to looooove it?



  1. I love Betsey Johnson stuff and it was on sale I would have *bought* it!!

  2. I know, I really wish I had picked it up! Going to see if it’s still avail tomorrow!

  3. I need to fall madly in love with it otherwise it ain’t happening. As it happens, I’m fairly picky, so when I see something that is kind of sort of close to what I love, it’s pretty much love at first sight any way.

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