etsy ring love

I’m on the search for a fantastic everyday ring as my fingers feel naked.  I’ve become an etsy stalker as of late because I didn’t realize how much amazing stuff was on there ! I’ll be the chick who sounds out of touch but I always thought etsy was like knit stuff and crafts, not that that’s bad-it’s just not my style.   There are soooo many amazing things (I can’t get any more detailed than things there’s so much stuff) on etsy!

Love this ring, and love that the seller is from Tampa!  Definitely on the top of my list.  FYI they’re stackable letters, they don’t come together:

Look at how cool this Citizen’s Watch ring is!!!  I wish I knew what size it came in so I could see if it would fit my chubby fingers!

This dictionary ring is my love right now, but I know it won’t fit my chubby size 8 😦

Perfect spring ring!

and tell me what coffee fiend wouldn’t loooove this little java ring??

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