late to the party

Did Oprah do a show on greek yogurt recently?  Is that why I keep hearing amazing stuff about it?   Over the last month I feel like everyone on facebook or twitter or in blogs has been raving about greek yogurt.  I hate hated yogurt.  The consistency made me want to gag (for serious dry heaved after tasting activia.)  I’ve easily dropped over $400 in my lifetime attempting to find a yogurt I could tolerate.  The only yogurt I would stand was Yoplait Whips which are mf’ing amazing, but not incredibly healthy.  As I blog stalked many foodies and health fanatics I saw that they were raving not only about the taste but the CONSISTENCY of greek yogurt.  I was skeptical, but decided to give it a go.  

The Hannaford on Central Ave. seemed to have a whole case dedicated to greek yogurt, perhaps it’s because of the demand for it, or maybe I just never noticed it.  I was struggling between the Fage or Chobani, but finally made my decision based on the fact that Chobani had a pomegranate flavor, I heart pomegranate!   One taste later I was hooked on Chobani!  Seriously, I’m obsessed with it.   I will say despite my enthusiasm for pomegranate, it wasn’t my favorite  flavor,my Chobani filled heart now lies with raspberry.   I have stocked up:

I know I need to branch out from pomegranate and raspberry, what other flavors would you reccommend?

These yogurts have been my saving grace when it comes to the fun baking I like to do with my little one:

Those would be red velvet cupcakes, and if I hadn’t eaten a cup o’Chobani while making them there wouldn’t have been any left to take a picture of!  




  1. Wait, wait, wait… did you make red velvet cupcakes WITH greek yogurt? Because then I could classify that as health food… Oh man.

    I really like honey. And dude, you have got to try Liberte yogurt. It’s less like yogurt and more like cream in a cup, in a good way. They have some really inventive flavors (the Mediterranean line is really richly flavored).

  2. ashallann says:

    No I made the red velvet cupcakes with my son and used the pomegranate Chobani to stave off my cravings for a red velvet cupcake…BUT now you’ve given me a pretty amazing idea, I may try the red velvet Chobani-cakes tonight..

    I’ll give the honey and shot and look for the Liberte, is it in a grocery store or specialty store?

  3. I was going to say the honey too. It’s my favorite. Fage is really, really good but too pricey. Glad you’ve weaned yourself off the Yoplait Whips, they have some serious crap in them.


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