summer spanx

I wore a two piece once…once!  Even before becoming a mom I had a weird stomach that I wasn’t incredibly comfortable with.   I’m a once piece kinda girl and I was intrigued to hear that Spanx (suck it in maaaagic) was launching a swimwear line this year.  I was hoping for some pieces a la Miranda’s amazing suit from Sex and the City, but that’s not quite what I found on the Neiman Marcus site.   These are my faves from the bunch:






Again, these are my faves of the bunch.  I don’t know I guess I was hoping for a little bit something more but I guess I shouldn’t knock it until I try it.

Are you excited to break out Spanx swimwear this summer?  Do you think you’ll buy a Spanx Swimsuit?


  1. How do you say “Uh, no?” politely?

    Cause that’s what I think of when I look at these expensive swimsuits. If they’re close to $200, I’d like something a little more simple, basic, retro – like you posted above. It looks like they let a toddler design half of these things. Why would I want whispy fabric on a bathing suit?

    Weird, too – I would have figured spanx + swim wear = win.

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