What is gymtimidation?  It’s not so much a fear of gyms, it’s a fear of being judged at gyms.   If you read my blog o’random you know that I recently quit smoking, and have also put on some extra pounds.   Despite certain posts regarding sweets, I really have been trying hard to stick to, not so much a diet, but a healthier way of eating.   It’s not working on it’s own.   I broke down and joined a gym this weekend but I’m too nervous to go.   Pretty sad, huh?

I don’t know why I’m experiencing gymtimidation, I’ve been to gyms before.  In college I would hit the gym with my friends usually to run on the track or play squashball, oh and socialize.   I would hit the treadmill, the stairclimber, the elliptical, and some of the weights.    After I had my son I was very diligent about heading to the gym three or four times a week and working with a trainer once a month.   When I moved to Tampa I got my first hint of gymtimidation.   I remember walking into my apartment complex’s gym and seeing what appeared to be supermodels on every machine..I’m easily intimidated so I covered my Camp Little Notch t-shirt and retreated to the door never to return.  I became an at home work out lady.   Yoga is my fave, I’ve purchased far too many ‘As Seen On Tv’ dvd’s and contraptions.  I have two large yoga stretch balls, free weights, balance boards, yoga mats, but I have noooooo desire to work out at home lately.  It’s like I get there and I instantly become a blob of non activity…it’s got to end.  Hence the expense (it’s actually a pretty good deal) of the gym membership.

Why am I experiencing gymtimidation?  I think because it’s been soooo long since I’ve been to a gym.   I haven’t used a machine to work out in over five years and despite being a loudmouth I’m very shy and can be easily embarassed.   I’m worried I’ll forget how to turn on a machine, or I’ll do something wrong. I’m worried I’ll trip and fall on the treadmill, and as I write these words I realize what I’m doing, and that’s making excuses.

Have you ever experienced gymtimidation or am I just being a big chubby baby?   Is gymtimidation just an excuse, or do you think it exists ?



  1. I hired a trainer for a few sessions to “teach” me how to work out… I got a good deal since she has her own private gym and isn’t affiliated with any big companies. =) I feel a lot more confident!

  2. No, get your ass to the gym, if i can do it ANYBODY CAN!


  1. […] on to March I decided to return to the path of fit, and joined a gym despite some gymtimidation.  I also spotted some sharpee fun at […]

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