We’ve allll seen it.  The Double Down:

 It’s in its own class of WTF glory.   Perhaps you’ll eat it, perhaps you’ll “ohnoyoudidntit,” perhaps you’ve done worse than it.   Oh, what, wait, you think that’s impossible?     Have you ever tasted a McGriddle?   Nope, it’s not an Irish bbq.   I could sit here and tsk my face off over the Double Down, but I know I’ve housed far worse.

:::sidebar, whenever I say DOUBLE DOWN I’m reminded of a Tampa radio co-worker who shared the same name, and I wonder now if he regrets using it or is rejoicing in it…ok, back to caloric blog glory:::

For serious though, ….in a hungover horrific A.M., have you ever imbibed the McGriddle?  I’ll admit to it SANS hangover, which probably  isn’t something I shouldn’t put out in blongland to but it was tasty worth it.

If you’re unfamiliar with what exactly a McGriddle is..that would be two pancakes (essentially) cushioning a piece of McD’s egg, bacon and cheese.  Yea.   Not quite so healthy.   But could it be worse than the chocolate covered Ritz?


 I found these heart attack inducing gems last holiday season at Hannaford.  I didn’t buy them, I just sort of gaped at them as I walked by them.  PS they were located in the Kotex section in a basket…that should say something.   C’mon, chocolate covered butter flavored crackers???????   I want to vomit right now, but thankfully my bro clued me in to even more disgusting food than coccoa bean flavoured lard crisps, how about the Baconater:

Long story short, we’ve all eaten some poop food at some point in our lives.  We know it’s not good for us, we know it’s a big ole marketing scheme from the fast food chains, so munch on some carrots and carry on my caloric counting friends.   FYI, if you are a calorie counting fiend like myself…have you seen how many calories are in the Double Down?   Not as many as my fave meal at Puff Changy’s….scarrrrrry.   Carry on, carry on.


  1. McGriddles make me happy. How can something so horribly bad for you taste so darn good? And don’t worry. I wont tell anyone you scarfed a double down.

  2. I haven’t had a McGriddle in a while, but I can attest to their fatty goodness. At first they seemed apalling, but they are so wrong/right.

  3. I’m not easily imerpsesd. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

  4. I’ve never had a McGriddle. I had some McDonald’s french fries on a road trip about 4 years ago and that was the first time McD’s had passed my lips in 10 years. Certain things belong on the ‘never eat’ list and anything that comes from McD’s, Taco Bell, BK, KFC and all the other crap holes are on there.

    I do realize I’m in the minority in my extremism but I’m good with that.

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