men who wear makeup

I kill songs.   If I find a song I enjoy I burn it to a toasty crisp by playing it over and over and over again.   It’s really annoying to other people so I always listen with earbuddies.   My obsession as of late is Maroon 5’s ‘Misery’.  I’m not even a big Maroon 5 fan but I’m loving this song.   I found the video the other day and throught Adam Levine (lead singer, main dude in video) looked quite flawless and pretty hot:

Then I noticed one of my friends had the chance to meet Adam Levine this week…they took a picture and posted it on facebook (this is me cropping and shamelessly stealing it):

Different, right?  Still super attractive, just different compared to….

Clearly a little makeup can turn a hot guy into an even hotter dude (now with almost enviable skin)

Makes me wonder how many guys might be willing to slap on a little pancake to look good for their ladyfriends?

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