the engagement ring

My manfriend claims to be thisclose to making a very big purchase.  Meet The Engagement Ring:

Yea.  Not quite what I was expecting either.   Manfriend has become obsessed with boats as of late.   This is apparently a 1931 Fay & Bowen, the most exclusive wooden boat marque, fully constructed of period mahogany from Honduras with a twin cockpit (so he says, what I just typed is babble as far as I’m concerned.)  Oh also he says it’s “f#%@ing awesome!”  and thinks it would be fantastic to name the boat The Engagement Ring.   Yea.

Needless to say I do not find it as highlarious as he does…ok, it’s a little amusing…just a little.   PS if I were to get a diamond at about the same price of The Engagement Ring it would look like this (and be from Tiffany’s)…just a hint there for anyone who might be reading this blog, 1.5 carats.   k?



  1. Well, darn it – it’s going to be tough to find the right dress to go along with your “ring.” Sigh. Maybe someone will take the hint.

    Love this!

  2. I wanted to say something intelligent and well-thought in response to your more recent posts, but now all I can think is… “BUTT JEWELRY???”


  1. […] August manfriend and I discussed the engagement ring.  Yup, that’s a boat.  Read the […]

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