scrunchie renaissance

I have very fine hair that apparently likes to jump out of my head all day, every day.  I’m a shedder.  TMI, sorry, but it makes me very aware of ways to protect my hair.  One way was dropping straight elastics for ponytails while working out, for….scrunchies.   Yes, I said scrunchies.  Those scrunchies:


I have friends who are truly horrified to hear that I actually CHOOSE to wear scrunchies (even if it’s just to the gym) but it’s so much easier on my hair.    While arguing my workout hair pullback choice I brought up what I felt was a valid point…could the scrunchie ever experience a renaissance?

While I cannot fathom sporting my scrunchie anywhere but the treadmill right now, could it someday see the light of day at the office?  In the club?   Trends are reborn, repurposed.  Think wedges, think leggings (seriously in 2002 did you really think leggings would come back??), think fannypacks    Could the scrunchie be next?

Nah…..for now I’ll rock my gym scrunchie and wait for the next repurposed trend to roll around.  How about a hypercolor revival?



  1. […] scrunchie has to be my absolute fave.   I mean, I’ll wear a scrunchie to the gym, but does anyone wear them out and about […]

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