see ya 2010 !

As I scrolled through status’ on Facebook on New Year’s Eve I noticed many of my friends had a sucky 2010 and it made me feel kind of guilty for enjoying the year.  Personally and professionally I made some big changes and I just feel lucky to be able to surround myself with amazing family and some good friends.  I’m hoping for a great 2011, but I’m also so nervous after coming off such a great year.  I hope it’s a safe, happy and healthy year.

A little summary of my year, more for me but enjoy if you’re still reading.  In January I attempted a cleanse, I think I quit about 3 days in, but I’m trying it again this year and can’t wait to make this soup again !

In February I took a ridiculous train ride to Florida.  From New York.   Yea.   No plans to get there via train again anytime soon.   I also experienced my first ever panic attack.  It was bad, I was driving, I called 911, there was an ambulance, I thought I was dying.   Awful, awful.  There was one good thing about the panic attack, it made me realize that I could not handle working in television and in radio and I had to make a decision to choose one and follow that path.  Radio won.  score.

Moving on to March I decided to return to the path of fit, and joined a gym despite some gymtimidation.  I also spotted some sharpee fun at Hannaford:

April was a pretty light blogging month, but I did spot some bacon mints.   I only took a picture, didn’t actually try them.

May and June were basically nonexistent in my blog world, but I started working at a new radio station and it’s been keeping me ridiculously busy, and happy.  In July I found the perfect vessel for the vino I love.  The XL Wine Glass!  Sadly it shattered in the dishwasher this fall, but it was a good run.

In August manfriend and I discussed the engagement ring.  Yup, that’s a boat.  Read the post.

In September I recalled a creepy dressing room guest I encountered while shopping in Florida.   I jumpstarted my baking in October with buried alive cupcakes…delicious !!    November allowed me to reminisce about long gone Capital Region locations.  Wrapped up the year with some more baking, seriously chocolate mint cupcakes are amazing and are definitely not holiday specific.  Try ’em !

I just got an email from wordpress that sums up my stats for the year.  I can’t believe my blog scored 48,000 views in 2010 !  I know most folks are viewing from image searches and lurkers, but thanks for wandering by my little land of blog.   I hope you had a great 2010, and I hope 2011 is even better for you!


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