the glamourbowl

I don’t really get too caught up in sports (outside of Siena basketball) my closest thing to a sporting obsession is awards show season.  I know it’s silly, and has nothing to do with me but for a few Sundays in the late winter I enjoy watching celebs get pretty and win stuff!   My “season” kicks off this Sunday with the Golden Globes!

Shefinds & Instyle have the lowdown on this year’s Golden Globes gift bags.   It’s worth about $550 and is actually stuffed with items almost anyone could get their hands on (L’Oreal, Polo, razors and more inside a Dooney & Bourke bag.)   Wonder if someone could create a Golden Globe gift bag knockoff?  If only I had the extra $$$ lying around.

Any other awards show junkies?   Again, I know it’s silly to get caught up in something so meaningless but it’s just fun.   I wish I was sporting some fab sequined dress and sipping on champagne this Sunday, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be sweat city with a warm cup of tea….ahhhhh the glamorous life!


  1. I cant wait for the show to start! I love placing bets on the winners…I have a problem 🙂

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