best boots ever

After today’s weather I can safely say this has been the weirdest winter ever.   Lightning?  In February?  While sleet is falling on top of snow?   The saving grace for me this crappy winter has been my Sorel boots.   This is my 4th winter with them and it’s like i just picked them up from the store yesterday.

After I moved back to the Capital Region from Florida I searched high and low for a pair of boots to ease me back in to the nasty winters and manfriend found my amazing Sorels.   While I looooove shoes, a winter boot expert I am not, but these feety protectors have gotten me through 4 winters of snow, heavy ice, torrential rain and even a few muddy experiences.   I even get compliments on how they look with a pair of jeans.  I’m never sad to put them away when winter draws to a close, and I hope I get to put them away soon, but i’m always happy to pull these babies out when I know the first snow is coming!!  If you’re in the market for new boots I’d definitely have to recommend Sorels!

Do you have a great pair of boots you love to get you through rough winters or a brand you’d recommend ?



  1. I splurged after Christmas and got the UGG Adirondack boot. They are similar to the Sorels but not all suede like traditional Uggs (which for the record, are completely useless outside of going to the mall). I really like them so far!

  2. ashallann says:

    Oooooh I just googled those, they’re cute!

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