what the swell happened?

I’m not crazy about putting pictures of myself on this blog being so hot and all. I suppose I enjoy a sense of anonymity .   I have no issue sharing this photo on here because it looks nothing like me.

I know what you’re thinking.  PURE.  HOTNESS.   My face does not normally have the “just inflated with an air pump” look.   My eyes are not usually quite that swollen.  When I had gone to bed the night before I did not have that Eric Stoltz from Mask look.

I rushed to the doctor to learn the obvious, I had an allergic reaction, I just have no idea to WHAT?!  I didn’t eat anything weird, didn’t drink anything different, I didn’t even use makeup yesterday, I haven’t switched detergents, I can’t imagine I’m suddenly allergic to manfriend after 11 years.   So weird.

After I popped a Claritin and used a cold compress the swelling downgraded to an Avatar eyes look:

Have you ever had an allergic reaction you couldn’t explain?  Could I be allergic to the snow and cold?   I’m just hoping I can catch some beauty sleep tonight instead of the ugly sleep I had last night.



  1. Oh man, I hate that! I’m so glad it went down for you…I haven’t had one in awhile (knock on wood) but keep in mind your allergies can change, out of no where I was allergic to feathers/down – or as we discovered with me, one allergen wasn’t enough to set me off on it’s own too bad, but add two and the results were terrible.

    Good luck! I hope it’s not Manfriend 😉

  2. oh maaan…I have the same problem and dont know what to dooo:( six months ago I woke up with swollen face. know from time to time I having that funny chipmunk face:(((

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