After being inundated with facebook suggestions, email invites and ads I decided to bite the bullet and try out Shoedazzle.   Shoedazzle is a monthly style service (shoes, bags, jewelry, etc.)   It’s an easy to grasp concept:

After you answer your style questions on the 1st of each month a personalized showroom will appear for you on the Shoedazzle website.   Approximately 10 pairs of shoes for you to view, 5 bags and 5 jewelry-esque items.  Everything is $39.95   If you don’t like anything in your showroom you can request alternates.   One big thing to remember with Shoedazzle is that the site has your credit card info and if you don’t select something by the 5th of the month OR click a button saying that you don’t want to purchase anything your credit card WILL be charged $39.95.   I learned this the hard way.

If you do find something you like, select it in the showroom and depending on your shipping preferences you’ll have some fun new items in no time!    Since joining 6 months ago these are some of the styles I’ve selected:

Bone pumps ordered in October (I think these will be awesome for spring)

Boots that I have lived in all winter, LOVE LOVE LOVE them:

This buttery blue bag that matches a Kenneth Cole jacket  I found in January.   This has been my go to bag since it arrived in February:

Overall my experience with Shoedazzle has been great!   If I don’t like what my showroom has to offer I just skip that month.   The only negative experience I had with the site ended up turning into a positive.   In December there was a purse that I selected.   The website noted that stock was low on this item but the site still processed my checkout.  A week later I received an email from Shoedazzle stating that my shipment had been cancelled because they were OUT OF STOCK.  I was frustrated because that’s not what was communicated to me at checkout.   A quick call to Shoedazzle (on a Friday evening after 5p no less) and a very helpful customer service rep apologized for the misunderstanding and agreed that it wasn’t fair that I hadn’t received any notification that stock may be gone by the time my order shipped.   They gave me a 30% discount on my next order.   I was ok with that.

The quality of the items  I have received from Shoedazzle has been great for $40!  I don’t always have an extra $40 lying around but if I do it’s a fun way to treat myself.  Have you tried out Shoedazzle?   Do you have any other style sites you subscribe to ?


  1. I made an account but never committed to purchasing anything! I was curious if the $40 was kind of overcharging you — but if the quality is good I guess not?! I’m going to browse my selection again! 😀


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