hamster balls

I’m attempting to plan a birthday party for kiddo but finding something unique is not easy.   While perusing The Children’s Guide birthday section I came across Games 2 U which appears to be a mobile party bus full of fun things for kids.   One of the many offerings are Hamster Balls.   Yup.   Watch:


I don’t know if I would get them for the kid’s birthday (my anxiety would be through the roof with a bunch of children tumbling around in giant plastic spheres) but I’m totally considering them for MY birthday.  I’m sure it will be much safer to have a bunch of 20 and 30 somethings tumbling around.  🙂

Oh and I was so excited to see on The Children’s Guide info about the Albany Children’s Book Festival.   April 9 at the Albany Academy for Girls.   We stumbled upon this gem of an event last year (literally saw the sign while driving down Whitehall the day of the event) and kiddo had an awesome time.   If you know a young reader this will be a fantastic event to check out.   My kid was super excited to be able to talk to the authors while he browsed books.   He even scored a few autographs.   Good times!



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