Have you ever twitched?   If you’ve never complained about something on twitter kudos to you.   I totally have.  I’m not fabulous about verbalizing my frustrations (until I hit boiling point…then I’ll scream) so sometimes if I’m angry, sad, disgusted…I’ll turn to the interwebs and have it out in 140 characters or less.   Was trying to think of a good name for this immature behavior.   Twants (twitter rants).  Twelling (twitter yelling).   Twitching just seemed to sum it up.

I hope you have a great St. Patrick’s Day !   If you were a child of the 90’s do you remember how every single food would be turned green?   Green bagels, green milk, green pies (remember those sugary pies we used to take to school, like apple, blueberry, green something?)   I’ll have a nice spinach salad today to cover my green food intake.


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