under the bus

Twice a month on Sundays I take 20 minutes to be a bit indulgent and get an overly expensive coffee drink.   I like it, it’s my little luxury.   Yesterday I popped in to a place that shall not be named, ordered my drink and left.   As I hopped in my car and took a sip, the drink just tasted like bitter hot milk.   Not what I ordered.   If I’m paying $3.99 (shameful) for a drink it should be right so I walked back in, firmly but kindly told the cashier my issue with the drink and she happily offered to remake it for me.  She hadn’t made the original.   The gentlemen who had made the original (who appeared to be a manager) walked over to see what the problem was.   I explained that it wasn’t right and I’d like it remade.   Without missing a beat he says:

“well, she forgot to add the syrup,” pointing to the cashier.

“She?”  I said, “you’re the one who made the drink.”

“Yea, but she’s supposed to add the syrup,” he replied.

I was puzzled by his response because as I had stood there waiting for my drink to be made earlier I had watched him prepare several drinks, with syrup, all by his lonesome.   His cashier had added whipped cream to a few when he was getting busy.   This dude just threw the chick under the bus.   I’m just not down with that.   Had there not been a line of people behind me I would have called him on it but I felt that me demanding my drink to be remade had been bitchy enough.   I always try to be super cordial to those working in food and retail because I’ve been there before and there’s nothing worse than an argumentative customer.     Have you ever called a manager on throwing an employee under the bus?  I also usually keep my mouth shut because I don’t want the employee to deal with a ticked off manager lately.   Just hate seeing crappy managers like that.

End rant.   Back to tea, if I make it I know I can’t f it up!



  1. I’ve never seen a manager do this but I think you should have called him out on it BECAUSE there was a line of people behind you. But I understand your reasons. Now I’m almost hoping this happens to me so I can stand up for the little guy/girl!

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