rsvp panic

My little guy’s birthday is coming up and we decided this year that he deserved a big party, like his whole class.   It’s been a few years since we had done something big but thought it made sense.   We saved up.   Found a great location, booked it, sent out the invitations Friday and now the waiting game begins for RSVP’s.   It sucks.   Despite leaving my phone number and email I’ve only received 2 responses and I know by next week if we don’t hear from a few more I’ll be in a panic.   We sent over 20 invitations out.    I guess I was hoping for a few more responses, even if it’s a no.    What’s incredibly hypocritical about my thinking is that I know that when I do fish an invitation out of my son’s backpack (that’s been in there for a few days) I’ve definitely responded on the RSVP date.  I thought I was the only parent who did this.   Could there be others?

Mom’s, dad’s what’s your RSVP policy for kids’ parties?   Do you RSVP right away?  Wait till the last day?   Ignore the RSVP?  RSVP if it’s a no?

I know I’m a bit obsessive but any RSVP feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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