Insomnia blows,but it does allow you to find some fun stuff online !   Every few months one of my favorite sites to visit is the wayback machine.   Wanna see what a website looked like in 2000?   NO PROBLEM!   Because I’m a radio nerd I tend to go back and look at my old station’s websites, it’s highlarious (especially one particular period when I was put in charge of web design with MS Paint..win.)

I’m still in this weird sick/allergy funk.   I’ve got the hot redness under my nose, headache, I sound like an old man, excellent conditions for being a hermit.   Over the weekend I watched a marathon of Six Feet Under while I was trying to rest off the mung.   Never do that.   Six Feet Under is a brilliant show, I adore everything about it. but watching 6 episodes in a row is brutally emotional.    I did get to FINALLY see the final episode, tore me up.   And now it can tear you up too:


Tear.  Love the song, it’s called “Breathe Me” and it’s by Sia.


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