fine, fresh, fierce: mani edition

I suck at nail polish.   Isn’t that sad?   I don’t know why but whenever I try to paint my nails it looks like a small child was handling the polish brush.   A few months ago one of the girls at work came in with a super fun leopard print mani, she said they were just stick on strips.   I kept my eye out and finally spotted some of the Sally Hansen nail strips at Target a few weeks ago, I grabbed the houndstooth print.  It was $8.99 for the box, inside were 18 strips of varying sizes.

I got curious when I first purchased the box so I opened one of the safe pouches and tried out one strip but wasn’t able to reseal the pouch, all nail strips that were exposed to air were done, they wouldn’t stick so don’t open them until you’re ready to use.   I’m sure that it’s in the instructions but I tend to just do not read.

For the strips that were ok it was very easy.   Just cleaned my nails again so I had a fresh surface, find the right strip size, peel off the sticky stuff, stick on nail, lay the excess strip over the top of the nail and file down.  It didn’t even take 10 minutes to apply all of them.   I loved the effect:

I’ve been wearing them for almost a week now and they’ve held up pretty well.   It’s exactly like nail polish, it’s not like a press on nail.   There’s been a little wear and tear (pictured below) but I’ll definitely be trying them again.  Leopard next time?


  1. Real brain power on display. Tahnks for that answer!

  2. Kudos to you! I hadn’t tuhhogt of that!


  1. […] I’m straight up obsessed with the Sally Hansen nail polish strips.  I’ve tried ‘em twice and not only are they easy to apply they are a compliment magnet .   I tried the houndstooth a few weeks ago: […]

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