top 2 tuesday: drinks

I am blatantly stealing yet another fun blog thingy (that’s the technical name) from Krystal’s Kitsch, love her blog and all the fun stuff she does and participates in !

Top 2 Tuesday: Drinks (alcoholic or non)

1. TAZO  Vanilla Rooibos Tea.   Hot.   That’s it.   I heart this tea hardcore.   If I’m lazy I’ll grab a hot grande from Starbucks, but I also have a tin at work.   It’s fantstic, no need to add milk or sugar.   Great to drink, with a lovely sweet vanilla-y aftertaste.   This is such an affordable luxurious treat during the week.   I’m attempting to replace evil coffee with this.

2.   Cycles Gladiator Cabernet Sauvignon.   I don’t remember how we discovered this particular wine but it’s perfect for a delicious dinner, a cozy cold night or a warm summer evening out on the backyard.   Bonus that it’s affordable.



  1. You know what’s surprisingly hard to find? Plain Rooibos. But they have it at Divinitea on Upper Union Street in Schenectady. Anyhow, it’s something you might be interested in giving a try. I’m a big fan of this “tea.” It’s great as a soothing and warming beverage in the evenings. But I couldn’t use it as a replacement for coffee. The caffeine jolt is critical to my continued existence.

  2. ashallann says:

    I will definitely be on the hunt for plain rooibos now, thank you Daniel! I’m with you on the need for caffeine, I’m still fully in a coffee relationship but am attempting to cut down, I type this as I’m sipping coffee so clearly it’s a gradual process. Can’t wait to get to Divinitea!

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